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International Social Sciences Congress in the Age of Digital Transformation

11-12 November 2022, Istanbul
Halic University Campus

Congress Deadlines


Abstract Submission Deadline:        15 October 2022

     Registration & Payment Deadline:   15-18 October 2022

Congress program publication date:     22 October 2022

Last full text submission date:      20 November 2022

Proceedings book definitive publication date:     25 December 2022

Form of Participation

Zoom Online Participation / Face-to-face participation

DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP IDENTITY (DIGI CITIZEN) will be given to all participants attending this congress for the first time following the online training they will complete.​

Within the framework of Science - Business - Public meeting; The “Social Sciences Congress in the Age of Digital Transformation”, which will take place on the new campus of Haliç University, addresses the target audience of “Digital Academician, Digital Employee, Digital Youth”.


On the first day of the congress; Following the inspiring speeches, academic paper presentations will take place.

On the second day, paper presentations will continue and applied multidisciplinary workshops will take place.

Within the scope of the congress, the 5th Mlf Digital Expo built on Informatics and Digital Solutions can be visited by all participants.

Languages of Congress

 Turkish, English

International Status

 Our congress is international. It complies with the criteria of associate professorship and academic incentives in terms of both the scientific committee and the diversity of the participating countries.

Scientists from 15 countries will participate in our congress and make interactive presentations.

Turkey quota is 45%.

All sessions will be video recorded.

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