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International Social Sciences Congress in the Age of Digital Transformation- Topics

11-12 November 2022, Istanbul
Halic University Campus

Congress Deadlines


Abstract Submission Deadline:        15 October 2022

     Registration & Payment Deadline:   15-18 October 2022

Congress program publication date:     22 October 2022

Last full text submission date:      20 November 2022

Proceedings book definitive publication date:     25 December 2022

Congress Main Topics


Our congress is open to original papers written on all subjects in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities .

Discipline-based sessions will be held


Digital business model innovation
Data-driven business models
Service science
Challenges and opportunities in digital transformation
Impact of digitization in the public sector
Digitization and its impact on the ecosystem of organizations
Circular business models
Sustainable business models
Digital strategies, development and implementation
Digital twins


Digital Citizenship and E health 
Usability in e-health
Application of AI technology in healthcare
Ethics and e-health
Service models in digitalization 
Internet of Things in healthcare
Blockchain and secure transfer of patient records
Telehealth and telemedicine
Mobile health apps
Health and e-health
The changing role of patient and patient data


Pedagogical aspects of digital contexts of teaching and learning
Digital learning competence
Organizational aspects of innovative educational practices
Opportunities and challenges related to digital learning
Distance learning during the pandemic period
VR and AR immersive learning experiences
E-learning platforms
Examples of pedagogical cases on the transformation of educational practices
Computational Thinking
Data and learning analytics
Development of new technologies to facilitate teaching and learning
User-centered design
Innovation of educational apps


- Social Media research 
- Visual Media studies 
- Hate Speech

- Cyberbullying

- Digital Citizenship

- The Problem of Identity in Social Media

- Future research on Tiktok

- Research on the podcast 

- Studies on VR and virtual reality. 

- Digital segmentation

-Cartoon analysis / Visual analysis


- Digital art

- Digital Law




Visualization and data design
Text and image digitization, archiving and processing
Digital archives
Code, software and platform studies
Cultural analysis and data mining
Digitization and cultural change
Theoretical, critical and educational perspectives on digital societies
Cooperation, participation and democracy
Digital literacy and inequalities
Surveillance and censorship
Open data and open access
Computer applications in different fields
Digital humanities in education
Emerging technologies
Augmented reality


Digital organizational achievements 
Working efficiency in digital environments 
Automation and automated decision making
Working environment
Working during the pandemic
Digital competence among employees
Balance between work and private life in digital and real life 
Business processes and routines in digitalization 
Control systems and surveillance

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